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when i wish upon you,
1st-Oct-2011 11:59 pm - The sun has set on this blog

I made this blog in 2006, with barely one foot into university life. Looking back on old entries, I'm so grateful that I recorded all the happenings from the most exciting period of my life thus far. Breaking out of the teenage years, finally pursuing my dream major, making unforgettable friends, meeting the boy that would become my first real boyfriend and eventual fiancé, reaching a long-awaited goal and spending a year in Japan, graduating after four short years...

I'm back in Japan, seemingly for the long haul, but who can honestly plan their life that far ahead? And, well, I think it's time to retire this blog and focus on new projects. I'll still stick around to catch up on the lives of my friends, and perhaps for the occasional shameless plugging.

So thanks for reading, for commenting, for helping make the content of this blog interesting over the years by being a part of my life!

See you around the internet!
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